Scar/Pore Programme has been designed for patients with enlarged pores, raised scar (keloid) or indented scars leading to uneven skin texture.

Dr Jinah Yoo Dermatology aims to provide effective treatments with reduced downtime using a wide range of different energy-based devices to address different types of scars/pores.

Scar/Pore Programme

The Programme would involve combination of some of the following treatments to tackle your scars/pores:


Hollywood Sectra/Clarity II/Sylfirm X/LaseMD Ultra/Sciton/


to improve healing process after laser

For Raised Scar (Keloid)

Steroid Injection

For Indented Scar

Punch Excision, TCA Cross, Subcision & Volumising Injection

Pre- & Post-Procedure In-Clinic Skincare

to optimise the laser treatment efficacy and minimise side effects

Home Treatment

including personalised skincare and medication (if needed)

Treatment recommended every 4 weeks

Why Pore Programme?

✓  Not many clinicians offer effective treatment for enlarged pores

✓ Topical Tretinoin often causes irritation and need to use long term to see benefits

✓ Using combination treatment, all causes leading to enlarged pores can be addressed: reduced elasticity and increased oil production from oil glands

✓ May improve other skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation and wrinkles at the same time


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