Dr Jinah Yoo Dermatology is one of London’s leading clinics for skin lesion removal. Through careful physical examination, and using the latest diagnostic tests, we are able to confirm the diagnosis of a range of benign skin lesions. We will also advise on the best way to remove them and then complete the procedure, whether that’s through minor skin surgery or laser, to achieve the best cosmetic outcome.

Skin lesions can appear in many different forms. Common types lesion include:

  • Warts – caused by a virus they often appear as lumps on the skin.

  • Sun spots – flat marks that develop on the skin in different shades of brown, tan or black. They are an attempt by the skin to protect itself from further sun damage having been exposed to too much sun.

  • Moles – dark patches of skin that can be congenital, common, or atypical. Atypical moles need to be monitored closely as they can turn into skin cancer.

  • Skin tags – growths on the skin that look similar to warts. They are harmless but can sometimes be irritating.

At Dr Jinah Yoo Dermatology, our renowned team is highly experienced in providing a number of skin lesion removal procedures from our Central London clinic. Treatments we provide include: 

  • Laser removal – Some pigmented skin lesions can be removed using laser treatment. During the procedure light energy is used to break down the pigment within the mole. 

  • Shave removal – Skin lesions that protrude from the skin can be shaved off using a blade. A numbing injection is used in the area prior to the procedure, and the base of the wound is burnt off to stop any blood vessels. 

  • Excision removal – Some skin lesions that are seated deeper in the skin may need to be cut away. This procedure is performed under a local anaesthetic, and the lesion is cut away in an ellipse shape.


If you are looking for cosmetic skin lesion removal in London, the highly-experienced team at Dr Jinah Yoo Dermatology will provide you with an industry-leading standard of treatment, from initial consultation through to aftercare. From cosmetic mole removal, to skin tag removal, we will advise you on the best course of treatment for your condition. 


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